Automatic bank reconciliation

Get started with automatic bank reconciliation

On one of our larger Debitoor plans, you can make use of automatic bank reconciliation. This means quickly and easily matching the entries in your bank statement to invoices or expenses in your account. All in a few clicks.

We’ll take you through the quickest and easiest way to ensure your accounts are balanced using this great Debitoor feature.

Simply upload your bank statement in .CSV format, find your bank, and let Debitoor do the rest. Your payments will be matched before you can pour a cup of tea.

Uploading your bank statement

1. Make sure your bank statement is in .CSV format. Most banks provide this format, although some may provide Excel format which you can open in Excel and save as .CSV

2. Log in to your Debitoor account and click on the ‘Banking’ tab. click the current account at the top of the page to open the dropdown list of your available accounts, and select “New Account.”

3. Click “next” next to “Upload a bank statement” and select a CSV file to upload.

4. You will be asked to confirm which columns refer to the corresponding values.


5. Once you select the necessary information, including the balance of the account, you can click ‘Next’.

6. Enter the name of your bank and a name for the account.

7. That’s all! Click ‘Next’ and Debitoor automatically matches the transactions from the bank statement you have uploaded with the invoices or expenses in your account.


Need a little more guidance? Check out our video for a walk through uploading and auto-matching payments with automatic bank reconciliation:

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