Cancel your subscription

How to cancel your subscription to Debitoor

Things can change quickly when running a business. Here at Debitoor, we understand that you may need to cancel future payments to your plan with us. While we will be sad to see you go, by cancelling your subscription, you will still have access to your account and data.

You will downgrade to a free account, so that automatic billing will not occur at the end of your billing cycle. If you decide you miss us, you always have to option to upgrade your account again.

To cancel your subscription:

1. Login to your account, click ‘Settings’ and select ‘Settings’ from the drop down menu

2. Click on the ‘Plans & Pricing’ tab


3. Scroll down to the ‘About Billing’ section


4. Click on the blue text that says ‘Please cancel my subscription’.

5. Let us know why you’re downgrading by typing a comment into the box provided


6. Click ‘Downgrade

Your subscription will not renew at the end of your current billing period but you will still have access to your account and data.

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