Connect your GoCardless account

GoCardless provides a simple and low cost way to collect payments via Direct Debit through your Debitoor account.

To start using GoCardless, follow the steps outlined below. It only takes a couple of minutes before you can start to collect payments.

1. Sign up for an account

You can sign up for GoCardless from your Debitoor account. Go to Settings > Online Payment, and click „Connect“ in the GoCardless overview. This will redirect you to our sign up form. Here you enter your first and last name, email address and a strong password and then click „Create & Connect your GoCardless account“.


You will be redirected to your Debitoor account. You can start using GoCardless immediately from here, and create the first payments at this point. Before we can pay out the collected funds however, you will have to provide us with some more information in your GoCardless account, incl. the details of your bank account which you want us to send your money to. As a payment provider, we are legally required to do this and apologise for the inconvenience.

2. Enter your details

To enter these details, go to your GoCardless dashboard via Beware that the only time you need to use this dashboard is to verify your account with us. Everything afterwards will be available from your Debitoor dashboard.

You will see a screen which looks like the one below.


Now follow the „Add details now“ link at the very top of the window. This link leads to a site where you need to enter the following details:

  • Country and Business Type. Usually as a freelancer or small business, you choose „Individual/sole trader“. As a registered company, you choose “Limited Company”.
  • Description of your business. This helps us understand what the payments will be for.
  • Your personal details. Please enter your home address and not your business address.

Click „Submit details“ to save this information. Just below this form, you can then add your business bank account which is also the account that we will send your money to. Finally you can upload your logo, which will show on the payment pages your customers fill in.


3. Verify your details

Once you have submitted all your details, you will receive immediate feedback from us whether or not we need any additional documents from you.

Upload your documents

If we need additional documents, it is either to verify your address or your date of birth or both. You can easily upload documents in your dashboard from the below screen which you get to via the link shown at the top of your dashboard.


Upload proof of address. Click the ‘Upload now’ link and choose a file that shows your home address dated within the past 6 months Upload proof of identity. Click the ‘Upload now’ link and choose a scan or copy (PNG or JPG) of both sides of your personal ID card or your passport.

4. Confirming your bank account with us

The very last step for you is to send us a verification payment of £0.01 to our verification bank account. This way, we can ensure that payments which we collect on your behalf get paid out to the correct bank account.

Our support team will be in touch with the exact details on where to send the penny to.

You will hear back from us once your account has been verified. We like to say this takes 48 hours, but the process can be much quicker.

In the meantime, do not forget that you can already collect payments by direct debit. We will pay these out to you as soon as the verification process has been completed.

If you have any questions about GoCardless, please get in touch with us via or call us on 020 7183 8674.

We are looking forward to working with you!

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