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Ready to move on to the next step? Now that you are more familiar with some of the great features that Debitoor has to offer, you probably want to start building up your account. Make use of our unlimited storage to add as many customers, suppliers, and products as you need!

You might have already tried out your first invoice, and saw that you can save a customer and a product as you enter them into an invoice. However, you can also go through and enter customers and products separately, to save and use in your next invoice.

Saved customers and products will autofill when selected from the drop down menu when creating a new invoice.

Create and save a customer

It’s easy to save your customers and enter the information that will allow you to autofill when creating a new invoice. To add customers, click on the ‘Contacts’ tab.

Click on the blue ‘New Customer’ button


A new window will pop up where you will be able to enter all the crucial customer information. Save an email address so that it doesn’t need to be typed in each time you send an invoice.


Click ‘Save’ and this customer will automatically be saved to your list! You can edit details at any time by clicking on ‘Contacts’ opening up the customer page and changing any information necessary.

Add a supplier

Adding a supplier is as easy as adding a customer and provides the same kind of ease when entering expenses for your business.

You will find your supplier tab under your ‘Contacts’ as well. Click on ‘Suppliers’ and click the blue ‘New Supplier’ button to open the same window and can add details to save for each supplier, including VAT number.


Adding products

The next step is to save the products or services offered by your company. This again speeds up the process of creating new invoices. When you select your product from the drop down menu when creating an invoice, the information autofills, and you only need to adjust the amount, if necessary.

To add a product, click on ‘Invoices’ and select the ‘Products’ tab. Click the blue ‘New Product’ button.


As with the new customer and new supplier, a window will pop up where you can enter details about each product or service offered by your company.

You are required to include information concerning the price without VAT and the VAT rate. The gross price will then auto adjust.


Click ‘Save’ and this entry will be saved in your product list and will show up in the drop down menu when you create a new invoice.

Need a little more guidance? Check out this quick video to walk you through each process:

If you still have questions, get in touch with us through email or in our in-app chat!

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