How to add extra users

Invite team members to collaborate

On the Debitoor L plan, you can invite other members of your team to help manage your invoicing and accounting needs. This can save you time and take some of the pressure off of making sure your accounts are constantly updated and invoices are sent in time. Please note: this feature is only available on the Large plan.

After inviting a user, you can limit their access to certain areas of your account. This means you can remove their ability to view various parts of the application as well as information if you choose. When you remove access to a certain section, the user will not see that section when they log in.

Here’s how to get started collaborating with your team members:

  1. Log in to your Debitoor account and click on your ‘Contacts’ tab

  2. Next, click on the ‘Team’ tab that appears

  3. Click on the blue button labeled ‘Invite Team Members’

  4. Fill in the team member’s email address and name and click ‘Invite’

  5. A pop up window will appear, asking you to confirm. Click ‘Confirm’

You will then be able to change the settings for each new user. You can turn on or off their access to:

  • Invoices/Quotes

  • Expenses

  • Payments

  • Reports

Your user can then log in with their own email address and password and access only the areas of the account that you have turned to 'On'.

Still need a little more guidance? Check out our short step-by-step video on adding a new user to your Debitoor account:

Still have questions? Get in touch! Email us at or log in to your account to chat.

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