Debitoor gives you the tools to have an overview of your invoices at any time, from anywhere. Whether the invoice is still a draft, is unpaid, or is already completed, you can view everything at a glance.

Click the 'Invoices' tab at the top to instantly see a list of your created invoices. Quickly view their status - whether they are proforma, have been sent and seen by the customer, or are partially or fully paid. Overdue invoices will have a due date in red, underlined, so it's easy to see when you need to send a reminder. Any credit notes will also appear in the list.

Track the status of your invoice: When you send an invoice to a customer, it will automatically be attached to the email as a PDF. You also have the option to check a box to send a copy to yourself.

Once your customer has viewed the invoice or responded to the email, you will receive a notification within your Debitoor account. If you use one of the Debitoor mobile apps, you will get a notification directly to your phone/tablet.

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