Ready to send a quote to your customer? Click on 'Quotes' in the menu bar. There you can create a new quote, as well as view draft quotes, quotes that have already been sent, and accepted quotes that are ready to be converted to an invoice with a click.

Details in a quote:

To create a new quote, click on the blue button labeled 'New quote'.
Fill in the fields for Customer and date:

Customer: Enter the name of your customer. If you have already saved the customer, you can select them from the dropdown menu. If adding a new customer you can save their details here after entering them.  

Address: Enter the address of your customer
Country: Specify the country where the customer is located.
Date: Specify a date for the quote. Feel free to choose a date before or after the creation date.
Quotation Number: Select a number for your first quote. The system will then automatically suggest the next number when you create the next quote.
Valid until: Enter a date until which your quote will be valid.
Notes: This field is optional. You can include additional information about your offer here. The text will appear on the left below the address and above the first item line.

Item lines:
Enter the products you wish to include in the quote:

Item: Enter your product or select a saved product from the drop-down menu. If you enter a new product, you can save it and add it to your product list (click "Save Product").
Description: Enter a description of your product.
Quantity: Enter the quantity of the product.
Unit: Select the unit for the product, e.g. piece, kg, km, hour(s) or define your own unit.
Price: Enter the net price for your product (if the price format is set to "Net," enter the price without VAT).
VAT: Select the VAT rate
Amount: The total amount is calculated automatically by the system.
Add line: Here you can add further products/services to your quote.

Quote options:
Under 'Quote options,' you can choose the price format (gross or net), provide a discount in % on your quote, as well as change the language and currency.

Subtotal & total:
These amounts are automatically calculated from the details entered on the quote:

Additional information:
Here you can enter other information that might be useful to your customer and save it as the default to be automatically applied to all future quotes (max. 500 characters). The text will be displayed at the bottom of the quote.  

Menu buttons:

Save: If you save the quote, you can edit it at any time.
View: Preview the entire quote.
Complete Quote: When you have entered all the desired details, complete your quote. A button labeled 'Accepted by customer' will appear in the same place, which you can use to change the status of the quote to 'Accepted.' Once the quote has been accepted, it can be converted into an invoice.

Click the three dots at the top right to see additional options:  

Send: Email your quote to your customer. It's also possible to send a copy to yourself and enter a custom message to your customer.
Print: Print out your draft quote in just 2 clicks. The quote will be downloaded as a PDF and can then be printed directly from your device.
View PDF: Download your quote as a PDF at any time. This is how the quote will appear when viewed by your customer.
Change design: Choose from different templates, change the font and colour, and choose to show or hide certain fields.
Company Profile: Display your business information that will be included on the quote.

Copy: Create a duplicate quote so you don't have to add all the information from scratch.

Delete: You can easily delete your draft quote and start again.

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